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Questions People have Asked Us
Q. Why did you name your yogurt shop Yogonovus?
A. Novus is a latin word that means fresh, new, and original. By naming our shop Yogonovus, we are promising our customers to offer fresh yogurt.
Q. Are there nutritional benefits to frozen yogurt?
A. Yes, there are many benefits of eating frozen yogurt as dessert. There is detailed information on "Nutrition" on our menu bar.
Q. What kind of toppings and flavors do you have?
A. We offer many different toppings and flavors. The information can be find on the "Menu" section of our web site.
Q. Do you sell franchise of Yogonovus?
A. If you are interested, you can email to justinelee7@yahoo.co.kr for more information
Q. Do you only sell frozen yogurt?
A. No, we also sell yogurt smoothies other than the frozen yogurt to offer the customers more options to choose from.